Sinowar Moran

Fearless Half-Orc Freedom Seeker


Aliases None

Refresh 1 (3 +0 Advancements +0 Bonus -1 Stunts -1 Condition)


Proudly Adventurous Half-Orc Paladin; Notorious Law Breaker; Agent of the Traveller; Seasoned Sailor

Flair +1 Guile +1
Focus -1 Haste +0
Force +2 Intellect +0
Core Stunts
  • Divine Magic. You may cast evocations (page 140) that fit the nature of your patron deity. This magic is ultimately sponsored by your deity, and using it in a manner counter to their agenda may mark you as an enemy to the religion. You use these as actions with your normal approaches, in any combination. The GM may assign scale (page 182) to your action. Each magical action done in this manner requires a box of Diviner Power to be marked. Each additional box marked provides +1 to the same magic-based action.
  • Faster, Stronger, Tougher. Mark a box of Divine Power to add +1 to any action in which brute strength or sheer speed is requisite.
  • Relentless Endurance (Racial). When you check your In Peril or Doomed conditions from a physical attack, you can invoke that condition for free on your next attack. If you suffer multiple physical conditions, you get a free invocation for each.
Additional Stunts
  • Lay on Hands. During any physical conflict, spend a fate point to clear out all of a character’s stress boxes, provided they choose not to take action for one exchange, even to defend. You cannot use this ability on yourself.

Note: These are in addition to the Conditions ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions.

Divine Power (Fleeting)

▢▢▢▢▢ Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to use the well of power granted to you by your deity, as described in your stunts. Recover fully at the end of any scene in which Divine Power is unused. This condition may also be utilized to create an approach with a bonus equal to the number of unmarked boxes minus one, usable on any action using the approach. The GM, however, will exacerbate your self-described actions according to the character of the mantle (The Traveler. Celerity, Chaos, Freedom, Luck, Passion, Sky, Travel, Trickery). If the impact of allowing the mantle to control your action is sufficiently complicating, the GM may also treat it as a compel and award you a fate point.

Disfavoured (Sticky)

▢ This condition is marked if your character has disobeyed a direct command of your deity, or broken a precept of your religion. Until your atonement, all stunts and conditions associated with this mantle are inaccessible other than recovery actions if one is marked. The GM will detail the requisite atonement.

Oath of Vengeance (Sticky)

▢ Mark this condition when you name a specific creature as your target. While this condition is marked, you are obsessed with your quarry and committed to seeking its destruction regardless of cost; you also gain a new approach—The Hunt at +3—which can be used with any action taken against that quarry. The GM, however, is granted two free boosts to use against you in any scene not directly related to your pursuit and may propose compels involving your obsession. The GM may claim these boosts at any time during a relevant scene. Recover from this condition when your target is dead or you abandon the hunt. If you choose the latter, you may not pursue that particular quarry again.

Aspect Descriptions
Proudly Adventurous Half-Orc Paladin

“The journey of a champion is full of adventure and danger…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
(Logos; Occupation) XXX
Strengths. A Noble Cause; Dauntless Defender; Pride Among Captains
Weakness. Pride Breeds Arrogance

Notorious Law Breaker

“When you live a life of disarming the law makers, some places welcome you more than others.”
(Logos; Personality) XXX
Strengths. Hero of the Freed; Master Lock-Picker; Intimidating to Authorities
Weakness. History Closes Doors and Makes Enemies

Agent of the Traveller

“What exciting challenges must we overcome along the Great Traveller’s set journey?”
(Mythos; Bastion) XXX
Strengths. Channel Divine Power; Divine Protection; Guided Path
Weakness. Hatred Towards Slavery and Imprisonment

Seasoned Sailor

“I’ve seen every land and sea, every town and port. The endless horizon calls to me and I never tell her no.”
(Logos; Training) XXX
Strengths. Seafaring; Friends in Many Ports; Sturdy Feet
Weakness. Must Keep Moving


(Short description of the character’s appearance.)


(A description of the character’s personality.)


(A few paragraphs on the character’s history leading up to joining the Silver Ravens Guild. Make sure to include the connections that we created during character creation.)

Before the Campaign

(A summary of the character’s history since joining the party.)

  • PC bailed you out during EVENT. What awesome thing did they do that surprised you?
  • You and PC were rivals, but something changed between you not too long ago? What emotions still linger? Guilt? Resentment? Love? Sadness?
  • When push came to shove at the Midsummer Festival, Miri displayed something you weren’t expecting. What was it, and how did you react?

While aiding Miri in her escape from the corrupted clergymen’ mob, Sinowar expected the Aasimar to just disappear without so much as a thank you as soon as possible. However, when they reached that crossroad, Miri chose to stay with her which was not only accepted by the paladin but embraced as a blessing of companionship and admiration.

Wanderer’s Refuge


The Eyes of Truth


Sinowar Moran

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