Proud Beastkin Beserker


Aliases None

Refresh 3 (3 +1 Advancements +0 Bonus -1 Stunts -0 Condition)


Hardened Fenrian Pit Fighter; More Bark Than Bite; My Pack is Everything to Me; Born to the Wilds

Flair +0 Guile -1
Focus +2 Haste +2
Force +3 Intellect +0
Core Stunts
  • Heightened Senses (Racial). You have a +2 bonus to checks that benefit from a strong sense of smell and/or hearing.
  • Master of Battle. You know a number of battlefield manoeuvres that can assist you and your allies in combat. Choose two different combinations of approach and action, then name the effect associated with them. Either combination grants +2, with scale (page 182) determined by the GM.
    • Menacing Growl. Gain +2 bonus to Create Advantage with Force when inciting fear in an enemy.
    • Trip Attack. Gain +2 bonus to Create Advantage with Haste when tripping or otherwise destabilising an enemy.
  • Weapons Training. Pick one of your approaches and a type of weapon. When you Attack with the selected type of weapon using that approach, gain +1.
Additional Stunts
  • Fight Me! You may use Force in place of Flair to draw the attention of your enemies.

Note: These are in addition to the Conditions ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions.

Hurt (Sticky)

[4] Mark this condition to absorb four shifts of physical harm. Recovery requires at least one scene of downtime at full rest, obtaining medical attention, binding wounds, et cetera.

Injured (Lasting)

[6] Mark this condition to absorb six shifts of physical harm. When Injured, as with the Doomed condition, death is a distinct possibility. Another character capable of seeing to your injury must overcome an obstacle at Great (+4) or higher, in quiet and ideal conditions, to help you begin recovery. You recover fully at the end of the next session after beginning recovery.

Aspect Descriptions
Hardened Fenrian Pit Fighter

Strengths. XXX; XXX; XXX
Weakness. XXX

More Bark Than Bite

Strengths. XXX; XXX; XXX
Weakness. XXX

My Pack is Everything to Me

Strengths. XXX
Weakness. XXX

Born to the Wilds

“The scent of blood drives me.”
Strengths. Wilderness Survival Skills; Tracking; XXX
Weakness. Difficulty Relating to Others


(Short description of the character’s appearance.)


(A description of the character’s personality.)


(A few paragraphs on the character’s history leading up to joining the Silver Ravens Guild. Make sure to include the connections that we created during character creation.)

Born to exiled parents from the tribe XXX. They died when Zet was very young and don’t remember them at all. He spent most of his childhood scavenging food alone in the forests, learnt from other animals how to hunt and fight. His solitude meant he needed to be self-sufficient which helped him learn skills like tracking and first aid. Has a deep kinship with all animals though not all animals seem to like him, especially other predators.

During his adolescence was captured by humans and sent to Frostridge Prison where he learnt how the human language and passed acquaintance with Elorne Bethrymere. After successfully escaping from Frostridge Prison, Gregor Stock tricked him into an offer of help, but what he really wanted was Zet’s most cherished possession, the necklace “Claw of Locki” when Zet refused to hand it in he tuned him to the warden who imprisoned Zet once more. Gregory Stock bribed the guards to hand Zet to him as his property. He was then transferred to Rurik to be sold as a slave, where eventually Zet me XXXX, which bought him/helped him escape.

XXXX disliked and treated Zet as a mercenary and used to sell his services to fight for anyone willing to pay, with time XXXX discovered the good nature of Zet, and has been considering giving Zet back his liberty.

Before the Campaign

(A summary of the character’s history since joining the party.)


At EVENT, INDIVIDUAL tried to call in a marker you owe them, but you had to refuse. What did they want? What did you refuse, and how did they react?

How did you make a rival or enemy of INDIVIDUAL (or vice versa)? What’s the most recent occurrence of this conflict?

When you were last in PLACE, you and PC/INDIVIDUAL got into a hot situation. Who saved whom? Or did one of you screw over the other?

The Emerald Blades

“The other two characters with connections with ‘the Wild’ are associated with a group known as the Emerald Blades – what if Zet was taught by them when he was younger (even better, maybe his mother was a Member of this group?), and he has a mixed relationship with them now because he feels that they abandoned him?”
Yes, that sounds fantastic, ties really well with his past and the troubles he has remembering anything from before he grew as a feral child. They might be the group that taught him how to survive?

> Mother was a member of the Blades. Their parent’s exile from their tribe was self-imposed in order to protect Zet from the enemies of the Blades. Unfortunately, his mother’s enemies eventually found them and slaughtered Zet’s parents, leaving him alone. The Emerald Blades assisted the child where they could, teaching him to survive in the wilds, but could only offer limited assistance due to their organisation’s laws.


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