Reckless Leonin Hexblade


Aliases Ja’karzik

Refresh 1 (3 +0 Advancements +0 Bonus -2 Stunts -0 Condition)


Mysterious Leonin Hexblade; Reckless Thrill Seeker; Memories of a Dead God; Urban Bounty Hunter

Flair +0 Guile +2
Focus +0 Haste +2
Force -1 Intellect +1
Core Stunts
  • Cloak of Shadows. You can see perfectly in the dark and are immune to any potential effect of normal or magical darkness. Additionally, once per session, you may declare that you automatically succeed at hiding from any non-magical attempt to spot you, provided you have a nearby shadow to hide in.
  • Evocation. In game terms, you may perform any of the four basic actions with spectacular magical effects, the nature of which are based off your aspects. Your actions may have scale (page 182) at the GM’s discretion. If desired, push yourself to increase the spell’s effect.
    • Check a Stress or Mental Exhaustion box for +1 or two boxes for +2 on any one magical action. You may check only two boxes at a time.
Additional Stunts
  • Ancient Knowledge. Mark boxes of Mental Exhaustion to aid rolls to overcome or create an advantage when drawing upon the knowledge of the Collector, gaining +2 for each box marked.
  • Catlike Grace (Racial). In addition to their natural climbing abilities, Leonin move with natural grace and balance. This grants them +2 to any rolls to maintain balance or similar situations.
  • Shadowstep. Mark a box of Mental Exhaustion to teleport anywhere within your line of sight, circumventing any movement-related obstacles in your path.

Note: These are in addition to the Conditions ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions.

Mental Exhaustion (Fleeting)

▢▢▢▢▢ Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to power your mantle’s stunts. Recover fully at the end of any scene in which Mental Exhaustion is unused. This condition may also be utilized to create an approach with a bonus equal to the number of unmarked boxes, usable on any action using the approach. The GM, however, will exacerbate your self-described actions according to the nature of your magic. If the impact of allowing the mantle to control your action is sufficiently complicating, the GM may also treat it as a compel and award you a fate point.

Impaled by Cold Iron (Sticky)

▢ If you mark In Peril or Doomed to absorb shifts from a cold iron attack, your attacker can also declare that the cold iron impales you, forcing a mark on this condition as well. While Impaled by Cold Iron, you are prohibited from accessing the mantle’s stunts or conditions. Recovery requires the implement’s removal by overcoming passive opposition (Great (+4) at minimum) or active opposition, such as during combat. This recovery does not affect any other conditions sustained during the attack.

Aspect Descriptions
Mysterious Leonin Hexblade

Strengths. Materialise Armaments; Read and Manipulate Thoughts; Natural Climber
Weakness. XXX

Reckless Thrill Seeker

“Dangerous? No! Rajik can handle it!”
Strengths. Quick Reactions; Athletic Movements; Dive Head First into Danger
Weakness. Gets in Over His Head

Memories of a Dead God

“What is this longing that draws Rajik forwards?”
During an encounter with a strange, ephemeral entity, Rajik sacrificed his memories of Kutu and in exchange was granted the power to save them both. Unbeknownst to Rajik, the mental ‘space’ that these memories had once occupied had been replaced with the last uncorrupted remnants of the Collector, an ancient god. Occasionally this remnant communicates with Rajik in the form of strange dreams and memories.
Strengths. Recall Ancient Knowledge; Experience the ‘Memories’ of a Place or Object; XXX
Weakness. Hears Strange Whispers

Urban Bounty Hunter

“They might run, but they can’t hide.”
Strengths. Tracking Bounties; Street Smarts; Blending In
Weakness. Underworld Reputation


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Before the Campaign

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INDIVIDUAL caught you at PLACE doing something shady or outright illegal but agreed to look the other way. What were you doing? What have you been forced to do so far due to this blackmail?

You, PC, and INDIVIDUAL joined together to handle a massive threat or issue. What did they learn about you? What did you learn about INDIVIDUAL?

Your participation in the Aurorus Midsummer Festival garnered far too much attention. What’s the latest problem this attention has caused you?

Wanderer’s Refuge


Maddening Whispers



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