Kutukan "Kutu" Serigala Pembu

God-Cursed Fenrir Hunter


Aliases None

Refresh 3 (3 +0 Advancements +0 Bonus -0 Stunts -0 Condition)


God-Cursed Wolfkin; I Only Trust Those Closest to Me; History’s Pages are Filled with Adventure; Master of the Hunt

Flair -1 Guile +0
Focus +2 Haste +0
Force +2 Intellect +2
Core Stunts
  • Faster, Stronger, Tougher. Mark a box of Winter Power to add +1 to any physical action. The GM may elect to add scale (page 182).
  • Heightened Senses (Racial). You have a +2 bonus to checks that benefit from a strong sense of smell and/or hearing.
  • Primal Hunter. Mark a box of Winter Power to gain +2 on any use of the Guile (Shadow) approach while hunting or stalking someone whom you can directly observe, or while preventing someone else from hunting or stalking you. This bonus applies even in the face of magical resistance and may have scale (page 182) at the GM’s discretion.
  • War Magic. You utilise a unique form of battle magic. Choose two different combinations of approach and action, then name the effect associated with them.
    • Winter Magic. Gain +2 bonus to Create Advantage with Intellect to create ice-based obstacles.
    • Ice Barrier. Gain a +2 bonus to Defend with Intellect by creating a barrier of ice.
Additional Stunts
  • XXX. XXX

Note: These are in addition to the Conditions ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions.

Winter Power (Fleeting)

Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to use the well of power granted to you by your mantle, as described in your stunts. Recover fully at the end of any scene in which Arcane Power is unused. This condition may also be utilised to create an approach with a bonus equal to the number of unmarked boxes minus one (minimum of +0), usable on any action using the approach. The GM, however, will exacerbate your self-described actions according to the character of the mantle – cold, predatory, and domineering.
If the impact of allowing the mantle to control your action is sufficiently complicated, the GM may also treat it as a compel and award you a fate point.

Aspect Descriptions
God-Cursed Wolfkin

“What do I do with this curse? How do I break it, or live with it?”
Mythos, Adapation. Kutu was once one of the Sylvar, or Forest Elves, but was cursed to wear the skin of his divine victim. Now he walks as a wolf amongst men, his will barely holding his primal instincts in check.
Strengths. Acute senses; Feral strength; Nimble feet
Weakness. Primal instincts

I Only Trust Those Closest to Me

“Everyone starts out as strangers, full of story. Not many will remain to be family.”
Strengths. XXX; XXX; XXX
Weakness. XXX

History’s Pages are Filled with Adventure

Strengths. XXX; XXX; XXX
Weakness. XXX

Master of the Hunt

“Life isn’t finding shelter in the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Logos, Mission. Kutu wishes to become the greatest hunter of them all, and constantly strives towards this goal. Unfortunately, this over competitiveness sometimes means he can loose sight of what is really important.
Strengths. Tracking; Great marksmanship; Stalking prey
Weakness. Extremely competetive


(Short description of the character’s appearance.)


(A description of the character’s personality.)


(A few paragraphs on the character’s history leading up to joining the Silver Ravens Guild. Make sure to include the connections that we created during character creation.)

Kutu and Rayk were childhood friends. Kutu an outspoken and athletic Pembu elf, and Rayk was the son of a catfolk skyship merchant who often stopped by the village to trade. The two played recklessly, played pranks on other people, and explored Pembu together.

Kutu always wanted to be a great hunter. To prove his worth, he ventured into the forbidden lands and killed one of the wolves that belonged to the Goddess of the Hunt, Mengjari. The Goddess appeared and cursed him for his wrongdoing. No longer an elf, Kutu now lives as a wolfkin, a mirror of his own victim.

Kutu’s village banished him for breaking the ancient law. Having nowhere else to go, Rayk brought Kutu to his father’s airship. Outside of the airship, the two took on dangerous jobs. Their friendship grew stronger as bounty hunters. They met Content Not Found: Jess and Darrak on their travels.

None the wiser in their youths, Kutu and Rayk ventured into treacherous wildlands. They broke an archaic spell, and an unspeakable entity nearly took Kutu’s life. To save his friend, Rayk made a pact with it. They were both granted magical powers by the entity, but at a cost of memory: Rayk’s memory of Kutu from when they first met. Rayk does not remember his childhood. Kutu remembers everything about his childhood friend, wishing he could find his memory one day.

To Kutu, the world is a desolate and cruel place, and he thought it too depressing to not have a laugh about. Content Not Found: Jess shares a similar insight, and is always able to make him laugh in the worst of days.

Kutu’s wolfkin appearance drew harmless attention on the streets, but Kalmer Redbrand saw him and swore to cleanse the unclean. He was sent a forged note to meet Darrak in an alley. Darrak was there with a similar forged note. Order of the Crimson Flame ambushed the two and threw them in an underground cell to be executed the next morning, claiming them unclean with godly curses.

In the cell, Kutu and Darrak made a bet to see who can escape first. Darrak attempted to convince the cell watchman for the key, while Kutu attempted to copy the key from ice magic. However, the Crimson Flame suspected sorcery and had already created an anti-magic zone. Unbroken, Darrak managed to distract the watchman enough for Kutu to steal his dagger and forced him to give up the cell key. The two escaped overnight.

Since then, they never agreed who won the bet to escape first. The two are still hunted by the Crimson Flame, so they stayed clear from unfriendly territories.

Before the Campaign

(A summary of the character’s history since joining the party.)


When you and Rayk encountered some unspeakable force or entity, they saved you from it. What did they do? Did it cost them something in doing so?

How did Gregor Stock recently betrayed your trust? Have you forgiven them, or are you plotting your revenge?

The Order of the Crimson Flame, lead by Kalmer Redbrand, sent people to capture or kill you and Darrak Torunn. How did you help each other escape? And are you still hunted?

The Emerald Blades


Kutukan "Kutu" Serigala Pembu

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