Kaladar. The fair folk were originally created by the Aspects of Light as guardians of their lands. They are also known as the ‘Light-folk’.
- Eldar (High Elf); Eldarin
- Sindar (Grey Elf); Sindarin
- Sylvar (Wood Elf); Sylvan
- Amonar (Hill/Burrow Elf – Halfling/Gnome); Amonarin

Dwarf. Created by the Crusader as hard-working assistants for his workshops.


Beastfolk. The Hramath. Originally created by the Wild as soldiers to protect the natural order. Since the Sundering, which fractured the Beastman society, the different sub-species have developed their own tribal cultures based on their associated totems. Strong rivalries exist between the tribes.
- Fenrir (Canine). The hunters and trackers.
- Icari (Avian). The scouts and messengers.
- Kodiak (Ursine). The protectors and healers.
- Leonin (Feline). The warriors and leaders.
- Minos (Cervine). The gatherers and shamans.
- Nagazi (Reptilian). The Nagazi have since changed their loyalty to an Aspect of the Devourer, due to its connection with the oceans in which they reside.

Uruk. Savage but noble warriors and shamans. Once a powerful martial society, their civilisation was nearly destroyed when a rogue island crashed into their homeland. With their highly mutable biology and rapid breeding rate, Uruks are able to adapt to their environments rapidly. This has lead to a number of different sub-species. Many of their kind have been influenced by the Aspects of Darkness.
- Orc/Half-Orc
- Ogre
- Giant
- Goblin


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